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        Analytics for
                           Property Management
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                                                                        Human Resources

Analytical Solution for Human Resource Management

Business Scenario

The Analytical Solution for HR Management (The Solution) is the cross-industry analytical solution which provides prompted analytical data for HR Management and Promotion.

Solution designed to meet analytical requests of top managers and business owners. One of the main tasks behind The Solution design is to provide human resources for the successful accomplishment of the company production plans and projects.
...over sixty
Analytical Reports
To meet that challenge The Solution analyzes performance of the staff members, staff competancy and features, level of education, their compensations and other sensitive areas.

The Solution also analyzes the hiring process effectiveness taking into account hiring recomendations. Employee retention, quit risk analysis, training and skill improvements of the employees are also under solution supervision aimed to act proactivelly for the retention of the key and high qualiy specialists.

Analytical Solution for Human Resource Management consists of seven subject areas (Dashboards):

  • Head of the HR Department
  • General Data and Statistics
  • Compensation
  • Proactive Analysis
  • Hiring and Promotion
  • Training
  • Planning (production & financial)

There are also two supporting dashboards with (1)"Main Menu", which facilitates navigation over the solution environment (menu item - "Home") and (2)"Report Listing" which provides direct access to the particular analytical report.

*) The Number of Dashboards, their design and content of the delivery configuration (AS-IS) could vary from the specified above.

Improved navigation and quick access to the desired analytical report(s) via hyperlinks and build-in menu make use of The Solution easy and comfortable.

Dashboard of the "Head of the HR Department" consists of the four sections: "Main Data and Statistics", "Quit Risks", "(Production) Plan Fullfilment" and "Training and Promotion".
Hiring Dynamics
Each section provides analysis of the critical data with the ability of the corresponding drill-down. The "Head of the HR Department" Dashboard could be modified/adjusted according to the specific business requirements.

Dashboard of the "HR General Data" consists of four pages: "General Statistics", "Hiring", "Firing" and "Company (Organizational) Structure". Dashboard presents upper level analytics, providing quantity and quality assessment of the staff; interactive menu and detalization provide screening of the data on the corresponding levels of analytics.

...easy to operate,
low TCO

Page of the "General Statistics" consists of analysis section of hiring and firing, current number of staff, age and gender distribution, temporary vs permanent employment, managers vs non-managers balance, group of position, staff average age, etc. Data could be filtered by year, month, company, division,department, group and category of position, position, gender; filters could be modified to meet specific requirements.

Page of the "Hiring" presents full hiring history per recomendation. The "Staff ID" column provides link to Personal Data and link to employee performance per project. In addition to the filters on the previous page the "Hiring" page equiped with filters per Candidate ID, duration of probation and working hours.
Hiring per Recomendation

"Firing" page consists of the personal data of the fired and quitted employees along with the analysis of the quit reasons per recomendation.
Quit Reason Analysis
Analytical data presented in table and chart format. Data filtering and analytical sections are the same as on the "Hiring" page.

"Company Structure" page presents current manning table, including Company name (for Holdings) and all positions per structural units. Uniqe "Staffing ID" specifies staff position and position number as well (i.e. 1-st Specialist, 2-nd Specialist, etc.); "Staffing ID" is widely used in The Solution supporting analytical section returns.

Dashboard of the "Hiring and Promotion" consists of three pages: "Working with Candidates", "Promotion and Assessments" and "Hiring Quality".

Rating of Recommending
"Working with Candidates" page provides analysis of the hiring process from the moment of the registration of the candidate up to the probation period completion. Hiring Quality provides analysis of the cooperation with reqruting agencies and individuals within the company. Quality of the Hiring Procedures is assessed by the number of candidates which have passed the interview per recommending, by the number of days which passed since the issue of the request to fill in position up to the date of the first interview of the candidate, passing of the probation period, promotion of the employee and scope of the business qualities (features) possessed.

"Promotion and Assessments" page provides information regarding employees promotion and acts as a major proactive tool for retention of the skilled and key employees.
Hiring Effetiveness per Recommending
Staff reserve for promotion identified by the sum of ratings calculated based on employee performance, classified business qualities and time frame since the employess was not promoted; employee with the lowest summary rating holds top spot for promotion.
Hyperlink and built-in menu

Dashboard of "Compensation, Payroll and Bonuses" consists of the three pages: "Accuals and Retentions", "Punch-In/Punch-Out" and "Company vs Industry Average Compensation".

"Accuals and Retention" presents per category accual amounts (flat rate, present, bonus, etc.) and retention amounts (tax, fine, etc.).
Accruals and Retentions
"Punch-In/Punch-Out" keeps staying at work hours and calculates shortcoming/overtime within certain time period.

Retentions per Type
"Company vs Industry Average Compensation" page provides assessment of labor market conditions and presents Compa Ratio analytical report which reflects rates of the actual salaries vs fork salaries of the partiular position and grade.

"Training" Dashboard consists of two pages: "Cources" page lists application for training and information regarding the cources attendance and "Qualification and Education" page provides information and aalysis regarding staff education and qualification.

"Production Planning" Dashboard provide analysis regarding planning and fullfilment of the budgets within particuar project(s) including Salary Budgets (Plan-Fact Analysis).
Staff Qualification

Fullfilment of the Production Plans assessed by man/hours, number of acomplished items and number of employees engaged within the project.
Personal Data.
In case of descrepancy between planning data and actual figures The Solution issues warning and proposes in-deep analysis of the situation. Financial Planning includes assessment of fulfilment per each type of budget for accruals and retentions.

"Proactive Analysis" Dashboard consists of the three pages: "Personal Data", "Quit Risk Analyss" ￿Issues to Assess". "Personal Data" page presents the full range of employee performance, qualificationi and other parameters since the day of the first interview up to date.

Projects with Sufficient Excess of the Planning Figures.

"Quit Risk Analysis" page supports proactive impact on (key) employees retention, assessing personal risk indicators but comparing them with the same indicators of the same employee's position or within the corresponding position group. "Issues to Assess" page scopes the set of critical and/or key problems, which require immediate and quick resolution. Apart of the possible quitting of the key employees The list of such problem may include sufficient descrepancy of Plan-Fact figures, list of employees failed to pass validation, etc.

Design and content of all Dashboards and pages of The Solution could be modiied and/or complete to meet specific customer requirements.

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