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        Analytics for
                           Property Management
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                                                                        Human Resources

Analytical Solution for Property Management

Business Scenario

Analytical Solution developed specially for Property Management companies, which are going to buy or have already bought assets for renting out and/or sale of assets. Companies usually buy assets by Portfolios, which contents of residential, commercial and industrial assets and could include different objects such as parking, support units, etc.

Business scnario

Business Scenario includes borrowing funds and using of company equity for purchasing real estate Portfolios.

In the course of business company provides quite common activities: pays bank interest for loan, performs repair and renovations to keep assets up to the market standards. Company has other sources of income providing legal, management and other type of services upon client requests.

Analytical Solution uses number of common Key Performance Indicators to assess effectiveness of business like Return of Equity, Price per sq.m per asset at purchase and sale, CAPEX per sq.m and others.

Analytical Solution provides "Plan vs. Actual" comparison, including Gross Potential and Actual Income, Gross potential and Actual Operational Income, Capitalization Rate, etc.

Brief Description of the Analytical Solution

Analytical Solution for Property Management consists of seven subjected areas - Dashboards:

and provides over forty Analytical report templates.

"Business Snapshot" Dashboard aimed to meet enquires of the top managers and owners of the company. The page with the same name consists of tables and graphs with the most valuable information, which allows quick assessment of the business situation and provides support for business decisions. This page could be easily modified adjusting its layout and navigation according to specific requirements.
Business Main Data
"Business Basics" consolidates main information regarding the initial conditions of the business: number of Real Estate Portfolios purchased, initial price per Portfolio, amount of borrowed funds and equity invested into business, number of assets and overall area possessed in sq.m/sq.ft per Portfolio.

Return of Equity (ROE) analysis has two presentation layouts - table and graph. Calculation of the ROE uses quite common algorithm, accounted as equity divided by the total difference between overall revenue and total expenses including taxes. ROE per year presented as a running sum.
return of Equity

This page also contents Vacancy Rate analytics.
Vacancy rate
The value of Vacancy Rate per year is a result of dividing of the number of non-rented assets by the total number of assets possessed by the company at the time frame in question. The adjustment is foreseen for the non-rented assets, which are under repair or renovation. Our Analytical Solution allows quick adjustments of the calculation algorithms.

Page "Business-Photo" consists of the most valuable information and analytics regarding the asset in question: purchase price, overall area and area per component, price per sq.m, CAPEX (if any), etc.
Expenses per Type
Analytical data includes expenses per year and per type of expense, amount due of accounts receivables, OPEX vs. Rent revenue.

Market value of Assets

In addition to company business data Analytical Solution provides storage for external business related data like Asset Market Price, which could be collected from several data sources. Based on these data several analytical reports could be created, i.e. comparison of the sale price per sq.m for the sold assets and with the same indicator on the market for the same type of asset. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) algorithms are described in special "Help" which could be seen by clicking on "?" sign next to the report name.

Profit and Loss management report could be seen by country, region, city, type of asset, portfolio, asset manager, etc.
Profit and Loss Statement
The scope of revenue and expense sources could be extended according to the specific requirements and will not affect the report templates, though the templates could be modified as well. The use of Microsoft SQL database and Oracle BI provides exact user access to sensitive data, which is one of the strict requirements for managerial reporting. (back to top)

"Purchasing" Dashboard consists of the same page presenting the general and analytical information for the purchased assets. For the purchase data the following (AS-IS) filters could be applied: country, city, region, address, portfolio, type of asset and asset ID. The system also stores information regarding the names of the corresponding purchasing documents; the search of the purchase information per document is also provided.

Analytical Solution supports different methods of purchasing of the assets: purchase entity(s), cost allocation, etc., based on the purchase setup.
Real Estate Purchase
In case of purchasing per Portfolio all analytical data could be seen by portfolio, i.e. Income Tax will be calculated based on the total Revenue Before Tax amount which will represent the overall amount for dedicated Portfolio.

In case of purchasing per asset the Income Tax and other data will be calculated for each asset. This issue is solved by the ETL (Extract-Transfer-Load) procedure in the DWH. By default the system supports asset purchase per Portfolio. (back to top)

"Renting of Apartments and Units" Dashboard consists of three pages with analytical reporting: General Renting Data, Renting Details ￿strong>Arrears. General Renting Data page provides revenue data from different sources: renting, legal services, renovation per requests, commissions, etc.
Average Rate per Asset Type

Renting data could be filtered by year, country, region, city, address, type and ID of the asset, tenant name, asset manager, portfolio and document (i.e. invoice for lease payment).
Consolidated Data

Renting Details page includes detailed analytical report for Vacancy Loss due to non-renting. This report could be filtered by year, country, region, city, address, type and ID of the asset, tenant name, asset manager and portfolio. Apart from the detailed data this report presents totals per above dimentions.
Vacancy Loss

Arrears page consists of current amounts due and payments which were executed with delay. By default the delay periods are as follows: less than 7 days, 8-14 days, 15-21 days and over 21 days. These periods could be changed/adjusted according to particular requirements. (back to top)

"Expenses" Dashboard consists of two pages :Expense Totals and Expenses Detailed. Expense Totals provides full analysis of expenses per type and corresponding dimension: country, city, portfolio, etc.
Total Expenses

Expenses Detailed provides deep expense analysis per document while keeping ability to filter data per year, country, region, city, address, asset type and ID, type of expense, tenant, asset manager and portfolio. (back to top)

"Apartments and Units Sale" Dashboard consists of the same page providing detailed analytical information of sale, assessing ssset cost and sale price, sale margin in percent and correlated prices per sq.m.

Sale data could be filtered by year, country, region, city, address, asset type and ID, type of expense, tenant, asset manager and portfolio. (back to top)

"Planning" Dashboard consists of four pages and presents various "Plan-Actual" analytic scenarios per revenue and expense.
Plan-Actual for Expenses
Financial Planning page adds "Plan-Actual" scenario for the main KPI, including Operating Expenses and Return of Equity and cross comparison of any revenue and expense as well.
Plan-Actual Cross Comparison
Analytical Solution supports several planning scenarios for comparison with the actual data. (back to top)

Current Info Dashboard consists of miscellaneous information regarding assets, which could be valuable for analysis. Apart from the general data of the asset it provides other relevant information like construction year of the building, etc. (back to top)

By default we submeet our Analytical Solution in AS-IS configuration (see our demo). Based on client requirements we could develop Specific Analytical Dashboards which will have certain analytical reports and graphs, both existed and new. Links of that Dashboard will ease navigation on Analytical Solution as well.

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