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        Analytics for
                           Property Management
                                                     Construction and
                                                                        Human Resources

Analytical Solution for Construction Management

Analytical Solution for Construction Management provides quick access to analytical information regarding Estimates (Contracts) with drill down capability, including on-going construction works and materials supply. It also allows to verify accomplishment of the work and supports making decisions in tight environment at the construction site.

Collected data in the Data Warehouse regarding Estimates and Works provide Top Management and the Owner of the company with vital information for business development. For example, it might be quick identification of the most profitable type of works, improvements in relationships with sub-contractors, reenginering of the company business processes and etc.

The use of Analytical Solution lowers operational expenses since it speeds up and facilitates preparation of proposals for Estimates having analogus previous Estimates as background.

Analytical Solution for Construction Management consists of five subject areas - Dashboards:

  • Estimates
  • Accomplishments
  • Orders and Deliveries
  • Payments per Estiamte and Contract
  • Payroll

and counts more then 30 Analytical Reports. We supply Dashboards in AS-IS configuration, meanwhile modification of the existed and creating a new dashboard and reports is optional.

"Estimates" Dashboard gives broad overview on the business providing snapshots of particular areas; this Dashboard locales at the top of so called analytical pyramid ; The Key Performance Indicators such as : direct- and sub-contracts portion and payments, accoumplishments, concluded deal per month, portion of each of the type of construction object,cost per sq.m per direct contract and Pareto diagram, which shows revenue comparison per type of work. Each of the analytical report provides prompt drill down.

Page "Direct- and Sub-Contracts" provides overall assessment of the deals per criteria based on selected time frame.

Page "Detailed Estimates" keeps data regarding concluded contracts with drill down to type of work breakdown, type of materials, workload and costs, price per itam and overal amount. In case of Direct- and Sub-Contract deals the gross revenue per construction will be complemented by agregated data per object as a whole.

...over thirty
Analytical Reports

Page"Accomplishments" keeps data per accomplished work per direct- and sub-contract within specified time frame, per month and as a run sum.

Page"Summary of Accomplished Work" keeps data of accomplished works per construction object, Estimate number and item, type of construction phase and particular work within selected time frame.

Page"Accomplishments per Direct- and Sub-Contracts" keeps overall analytical data per type of Contract and accomplishment of work per month within selected time frame. Similar analysis provided on the pages "Accomplishment per Estimate" and "Accomplishment per Customer".

Dashboard "Payments per Estimate and Contract" provides analysis for collected amounts and payments taking into account the nature of payment: per Statement of Accomplishment, upfront payment or per contract (for services), drill down per materials, equipment, work cost and overheads.

Page "Payment Summary" provides overview on payments for all Estimates and within selected time frame.

Page "Payments per Estimate Item" provides detailed information regarding payment per materials, equipment, labor, services and overheads; data could be presented per month within selected period.

Dashboard "Orders and Deliveries" keeps information regarding orders and delivery of materials according to the Estimates.

...easy to use, low
Cost of Ownership

Page "Orders for Materials" presents data per Estimate, phase and type of work, including ordered qty and total ordered amount.

Page "Materials Delivery", shows data per on-going and completed orders, reflecting difference between ordered and delivered quantities.

Page "Materials release", shows data regarding released materials and materials current balances at the warehouses.

Page"Payment for Purchase Orders", shows payments for Estimates per construction object.

Dashboard"Payroll" provides analytical information of employees compensation including cash, bonuses, etc.

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