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        Analytics for
                           Property Management
                                                     Construction and
                                                                        Human Resources

List of Analytical Reports for HR Management

Table below summarizes options for scope of Analytical Reports for Human Resource Management.

Note: the content of the table could vary and differ from the actual content of the current version without notification.

List of Options of Analytical Solution
Dashboard Report Description Basic Advanced Enterprise
Company Structure
Staff Average Age
Staff Average Age per Gender
Age Distribution
Average Age at Hiring
Gender Distribution
Grade Distribution
Hiring and Firing Dynamics
Managers' Portion
Positions per Category
Positions per Group
Quit Reasons
Permanent vs Part Time
Base Payroll  
Accruals and Retentions  
Full Compensation  
Total Accruals  
Variable Payroll  
Overtime Payroll  
Average Payroll vs Average per Region  
Average Base Payroll vs Average per Region  
Average Overtime Payroll vs Average per Region  
Average Variable Payroll vs Average per Region  
Compa Ratio  
Request for Job  
Candidates Interview  
Passing Interviews  
Proposals to Candidates  
Time to First Interview  
Rejected Proposals  
Current Status of Request for Job  
Recomended vs Not-Recomended  
Passed and Not_Passed Probation  
First Promotion  
Time to First Promotion  
Validation for Promotion  
Compa Ratio  
Planning for Base Payroll    
Planning for Overtime Payroll    
Planning for Prize    
Planning for Bonuses    
Planning for Retention    
Consolidated Planning for Accruals and Retentions    
Rerquest for Courses    
Payment for Courses    
Courses Attendance    
Staff Education    
Staff Qualification    
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