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        Analytics for
                           Property Management
                                                     Construction and
                                                                        Human Resources

List of Analytical Reports for Property Management

Table below summarizes options ranging from simple Purchasing and Renting areas up to Financial Result Calculations.

Note: the content of the table could vary and differ from the actual content of the current version without any additional notification.

Analytical Reports for Property Management
Dashboard Report Name Base Advance Industrial
Amount per Asset Type
Amount per Portfolio
Area per Asset Type
Assets (Area Info)
Assets (Details)
Assets Owned Totals
Assets Owned
Assets Sale
Available Property
Business Basics
Business Profile
Business Snapshot and Key Performance Indicators
Current Area, sqm
History of Assets Purchasing
Planning Net Operatng Income
Price per sq.m
Property Area, sqm
Property Market Value
Purchase History
Return on Equity
Sale History
Vacan Property
Area Allocation 
Arrears General Data 
CAPEX of Property 
Current Arrears 
Expenses Detailed 
Expenses per Type per Year 
Expenses per Year 
General Info 
Market Value 
Page Title 
Planning vs Actual NOI 
Potential Margin vs Rent Revenue 
Price per sq.m CAPEX 
Property Genera Data 
Property Sale 
Property Selection 
Purchase Data 
Rent Revenue vs. OPEX 
Rent Revenue 
CAPEX Detailed
CAPEX per Sq.m
Expense Analysis per sq.m
OPEX Detailed
OPEX per Type
Total Expenses
Best Manager  
Capitalization Rate  
Current Area,sqm  
Equity vs Financing  
Gross Planning Income vs. Operating Income  
Gross Potential Income vs Operating Income  
Gross Rent Multiplier  
Ongoing CAPEX vs OPEX (sqm)  
Ongoing Expenses (sqm)  
Planning and Actual Net Operating Income  
Planning vs Actual NOI  
Purchase/Sale Price per sqm  
Renting Revenue per sqm  
Vacant Rate  
Market Value
Business Planning  
Expenses (plan)  
Net Income (plan)  
Plan-Actual advertising expenses  
Plan-Actual autotravel expenses  
Plan-Actual CAPEX  
Plan-Actual cleaning expenses  
Plan-Actual commissions revenue  
Plan-Actual Cross-Comparison  
Plan-Actual inspection expenses  
Plan-Actual insurance expenses  
Plan-Actual Interest Pmnts  
Plan-Actual legal revenue  
Plan-Actual maintenance expenses  
Plan-Actual management revenue  
Plan-Actual misc revenue  
Plan-Actual Net Income  
Plan-Actual office expenses  
Plan-Actual office rent expenses  
Plan-Actual OPEX  
Plan-Actual other expenses  
Plan-Actual rent revenue  
Plan-Actual repair construction  
Plan-Actual repair hydro  
Plan-Actual repair misc  
Plan-Actual repair utilities  
Plan-Actual ROE  
Plan-Actual sale  
Plan-Actual stuff compensation  
Plan-Actual supplies  
Plan-Actual Taxes  
Plan-Actual utilities  
Planning Data (no Property ID)  
Planning Data  
Planning ROE  
Planning vs Actual Renting  
Revenue (plan)  
Property Purchased
Arrears as Loss
Arrears Avg Days due
Arrears per Tenant
Average Rent per Property Type
Avg Management Fee (%)
Avg Monthly Management Fee
Avg Monthly Sundry Income
Avg Weekly Rent
Avg Yearly Management Fee per Property
Current Arrears
Current Debt
Details of Vacancies Loss
General Info
Overdue Payments
Rent Revenue vs. Interest Pmnts and OPEX
Revenue General Data
Sundry to Management Fee
Vacancies Loss
Property Purchased
Price per sq.m at Purchase
Property Sale
Current Area, sqm
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