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        Analytics for
                           Property Management
                                                     Construction and
                                                                        Human Resources

List of Analytical Reports for Construction Management

For better matching you business needs we are offering several options of our Analytical Reporting Solution. Table below summarizes options for different configurations, ranging from simple Purchasing and Renting areas up to Financial Result Calculations.

Note: the content of the table could vary and differ from the actual content of current version without any additional notification since we are constantly improving our Solution.

List of Options of Analytical Solution
Dashboard Report Description Basic Advanced Enterprise
Type of Assets by County
Available Renting area by Country
Available Renting Area by Type
Asset Detailed Info
Details on Owned Residential Apartments
Details on Owned Commercial Units
Addresses of the Buildings (with Owned Assets)
Age of the Building Renovation
Age of Apartment Renovation
Client Information
Employee Information
Renting by Type of Assets by Region  
Renting by Type of Assets by City  
Renting by Type of Assets by Postcode  
Renting by Tenant  
Payment vs. Forecast by Country  
History of Amount/Sq.m Rate  
History and Forecast vs. Actual Payments by Tenant  
Accomplished Renting Contracts  
Current Total Revenue by Region  
Current Total Revenue by Country  
Current Total Revenue by City  
Current Total Revenue by Building  
Current Total Revenue by Asset Type  
Vacant Apartments and Commercial Units  
Purchasing of the Assets  
Overview of the Purchasing Deals  
Purchasing Terms and Conditions  
Investments in Assets by Type  
Amount per Sq.m at Purchase  
Average Amount per Sq.m per Country  
Average Amount per Sq.m per Type of the Asset  
Amount per Sq.m Comparison  
Return of Investments    
ROI Simulation    
Accomplished Sales of Assets    
Sales by Type of Assets    
Sales by Country    
Sales by Region    
Sales by City    
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