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        Analytics for
                           Property Management
                                                     Construction and
                                                                        Human Resources

Concept and Platforms

We are offering Ready to use Analytical Solutions for Property, Construction and HR Management based on Oracle Business Intelligence (BI). Each of the Solutions consists of (1) essential Data Warehouse
... based on popular platforms
OBIEE 11g and MSSQL2012 or Oracle 11g
designed specifically for the particular area of business(2), set of analytical report templates and (3) repository file, which supports business processes and logic.

Data warehouse integrates data from various heterogeneous sources, including data from ERP systems, Microsoft Office Applications (MS Excel, MS Access), etc.

Integrated Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) procedure provides regular data upload while keeping data consistency and supporting data-proof environment.

Easy setting up user access rights provide confidentiality and data protection, while Web User Interface makes work with the Solutions simple and
Analytical Solutions
intuitive. Sets of business analytical reporting meets the general business requirements, meanwhile they could be modified and adjusted according to the particular customer specification.

Oracle BI platform provides data business configuration (grouping, aggregation and other various data calculations and manipulations) according to the business processes and measurements of the operation effectiveness.

Our Analytical Solutions available in English, German and Russian languages, though additional user languages could be easily added to The Solution.

Low Cost for Client - Our Priority!

One of the main challenges for developing of the ready-to-use Industrial Analytical Solutions was the aspiration to lower cost for purchasing, development and usage of Business Intelligence Tool for business. This approach is the main standing for competitive advantage of our Analytical Solutions.

Table below specifies delivery content of Analytical Solutions from Fredinvest:

Delivery Content of the Ready-to-Use Analytical Solution
## Platform Element Note
1 MS SQL 2008R2/2012 Data Warehouse ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) procedures
2 Oracle BI 11g Repository Company Business Logic and Data Integration
3 Oracle BI 11g Catalog Templates of analytical reports and graphs
4 Oracle BI 11g User Interface Dashboards and pages with analytical reporting
5 OS Windows txt-files format Preparation for uploading external Data into DWH (other than from MS SQL2008R2)
6 - Technical Documentation Solution Description and DWH specification
7 - Technical Support Support for end users

We are also offering remote training for users of our Analytical Solutions.

Common and Specific for every business

There is a well-known common statement that there are no two identical businesses even in the same industry. Meanwhile, within the particular industry, e.g. in The Property Management you could find similar or even identical business analytical objects, which will be required by the majority of companies.

For example, Data Warehouse for Property Management Analytical Solution consists of logically designed and interdependent tables for storing information regarding Real Estate objects (residential and commerce) , purchasing terms and conditions, layouts (type, area, content), maintenance essences, renting agreement per object (payments schedule and outstanding amounts) and etc.

Analytical System Concept

Repository file keeps business logic of the company, which could be updated according to the particular specifications. For example, stored Return of Equity (ROE) procedure could be applied directly or could be modified as well. Moreover, we could create several corresponding calculation models according to particular business requirements.

Supplied Catalogs consist of the set of reporting templates, which will be good for use by any company involved in dedicated business area and they could be also modified to meet any particular requirements.

Access to our Analytical Solutions using mobile devices gives high flexibility of the Solutions and supports quick and timely business decisions.

Low Risks

To lower the risks for our clients we could consider terms and conditions for uploading of their demo data to our remote application server. This approach supports decision making for purchasing and facilitates the full-range implementation of the Analytical Solutions.

We also lower our price since we are offering our Industrial Solutions to the companies of the industry market segments. Our clients receive Ready-to-Use product which could be further modified and developed. Our Solutions allow to "jump over" certain phases in software product development: concept design, initial specs, development platform selection, business logic development, design of the analytical reports, data warehouse and ETL development. Moreover, it also decreases cost required for project team development, project management and TCO as well.

Implementation Timeframe

The timeframe required for any of our Solution ("AS - IS") to be implemented is in the range of 10-25 days provided that the data are prepared according to Data Warehouse tables format. The time required for installation, set up and running will be decreased if the demo data would be uploaded first.

Solution Supplier Independence

Our Analytical Solutions are totally open and for the further Solution development and modification our client could outsource any company or provide their own development and modification.

Cost of Implementation

We consider the implementation cost as the most sensitive for our client. To make implementation less expensive, we provide remote Solutions installation and tuning.

Moreover, we are also proposing remote user training for our Analytical Solutions, thus also lowering overall cost compare to in-class training.

Software Licensing

Our clients could make their own decision regarding purchasing of software licenses - oracle Buisness Intelligence and MS SQL2012. Meanwhile, we are willing to support our clients in every stage of licenses purchasing and could arrange the purchase in full.

Further Solution Development

We are willing to provide our clients with any possible support and assistance for further Solution development and support! We could update the design of the Data Warehouse and ETL mechanism, and develop new analytical reports as well, which will be part of only your's Customized Analytical Solution.

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