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        Analytics for
                           Property Management
                                                     Construction and
                                                                        Human Resources

Business Model

We created our Analytical Solution for Property Management based on quite common Business Model. The highlights of the Model refer only to the major aspects of the Business Processes within this Model.

Business Model tracks business goals of the Property Management Company (PMC), which operates on the Real Estate market, gaining profit from renting residential apartments, commercial and industrial units to its tenants/clients.

PMC invested its own money and borrowed funds @5.5% to purchase two Portfolios of real Estate consisting of number of residential, commercial and industrial units for further renting purposes.

PMC acquired 17 apartments and units in five buildings in Germany, Austria and The Netherlands:

Purchase of Real Estate
Item Figures
Acquisition Cost 13,685,000.00
Bank financing 8,185,000.00
Equity 5,500,000.00
Number of acquired assets 17

As soon as purchasing data were uploaded into Data Warehouse the Analytical Reporting System provides detailed and aggregative view on the purchasing deal, including terms per asset and broad view of investments per type of assets, country, region, city and building. Historically, The Analytical Reporting System provides data regarding cost of the sq.m(sq.ft) at purchase. With data averaging per country and type of the assets.

Average cost of sq.m per Country
Country AVG per Sq.m
Germany 4,026.21
Austria 4,190.92
The Netherlands 3,391.74

Average cost of sq.m per Asset Type
Asset Type AVG per Sq.m
Residential Apartments 3,665.26
Commercial Units 4,311.74
Industrial Units 3,665.26

As soon as PMC started Renting of the apartments/units all the relevant information became accessible for the users of the Analytical Reporting System: snapshot of the business activities, rented apartments/units and their relevant areas allocated by country, region, city and building and other analytical reports provide vital support for the proper Assets Management.

Current Total Revenue by Country
Country Revenue
The Netherlands 3,962,000.00
Germany 1,021,000.00
Austria 1,288,500.00
Total 6,271,500.00

Apart from the general Purchasing and Renting information Analytical Solution provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Measurements, like price per sq.m (sq.f) per renting contract. That gives an opportunity for comparison of the renting market all over the assets, their geographical location, etc.

User could check Renting Revenue per common parameters (country, region), vacancy rate, etc. Detailed information regarding Payment for Renting by tenants offers close look on collections over broad number of parameters.

In the course of PMC operations the acquired assets need to be maintained in order to be in the proper shape and meet potential tenants expectations. It requires, that certain amount of funds would be allocated for renovation and repairing. The corresponding amounts also uploaded into the Data Warehouse and could be classified accordingly and accounted during ROE calculation.

User could check Sales Dashboard to verify sales deals by certain parameters: overall amount of sales including commissions, price per sq.m(sq.ft) at sales vs. cost of sq.m(sq.ft) at purchase. As described above, the Sales information also available per common parameters.

Analytical Solution provides up to date calculation of the business results, giving exact and accurate figures.

We hope, that the described Business Model make you aware, that our Analytical Reporting Solution gives you complete and exact view on PMC operations providing vital support in making business decisions.

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